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Lack of Wheelchair Access at COP26 Spurs Apology

November 2, 2021

[Image Source: Reuters]

Cited article by BBC News

HRRC's Response:

Israeli minister, Karine Elharrar was unable to attend the COP26 conference on Monday due to a lack of wheelchair access, an issue that was quickly addressed allowing her ease of access the following day. This spurred an apology on behalf of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, as well as ongoing discussions as to whether the Israeli government could have better communicated the needs of their representatives. Other statements alluded that disability access was available at other entrances.

Ultimately it is the responsibility of the venue organizers to ensure disability access. For an event as large and as diverse as COP26, it is a significant oversight that full accommodations are not in place. The organizers have ensured that these issues will be addressed and that future UN conferences will take necessary measures with this incident in mind.

HRRC calls for accessibility and accommodations for those with disabilities everywhere. Businesses and organizations must make an effort to be as inclusive as possible and ensure those with disabilities have access.


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