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Groups Boycott Hilton Due to Plans to Construct Hotel over Demolished Uighur Mosque

October 7, 2021

[Image Source: File: Dita Alangkara/AP Photo]

Cited article by Al Jazeera

HRRC's Response:

Muslim-American rights groups are boycotting Hilton, due to plans to construct a Hilton hotel over the bulldozed remains of a Uighur Mosque in China. China has been committing acts that predominantly target the Uighur population, including: mass imprisonment; forced sterilizations; removing children from their families; and destruction of religious and cultural sites. China continues denying these accusations.

The Mosque was located in the Hotan prefecture and bulldozed by Chinese authorities in 2018. This is one of approximately 16,000 throughout 900 locations in Xinjiang that have either been partially or completely destroyed between 2017-2020. Despite evidence showing complete destruction of the sites, the Chinese government continues to state that none have been forcibly damaged or destroyed.

HRRC condemns the ongoing human rights violations and subjugation of the Uighur people by China. These heinous acts could amount to genocide, and in order for these actions to end the international community must be willing to enforce economic sanctions against China. Companies such as Hilton must be willing to take the ethical stance not to be complicit in these crimes.


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