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Ghana's Parliament Passes Highly Restrictive Anti-LGBTQ+ Bill

March 1, 2024

Speaker of Ghana Parliament Alban Sumana Bagbin speaks at the Parliament House in Accra, Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2024. Ghana's parliament passed a highly controversial anti-LGBTQ+ bill on Wednesday that could send some people to prison for more than a decade. (Credit: Misper Apawu/AP)

Cited article by NPR

HRRC strongly condemns Ghana's passage of the highly controversial anti-LGBTQ+ bill and advocates for a constructive dialogue in the pursuit of inclusive policies that respect the fundamental human rights of all individuals, fostering an environment where diversity and equality can thrive.

News Brief

Ghana's parliament passed a contentious anti-LGBTQ+ bill, sparking international condemnation and raising concerns about human rights violations. Introduced three years ago, the legislation criminalizes LGBTQ+ individuals, their supporters, and activities related to the community, imposing severe penalties, including imprisonment for over a decade. The bill, now awaiting the president's approval, has stirred controversy in a country historically perceived as more respectful of human rights within the African continent. Despite claims by sponsors, such as lawmaker Sam George, that the bill aims to protect children and abuse victims, human rights activists argue that it infringes on fundamental rights, including dignity, freedom of speech, and non-discrimination.

The coalition of activists emphasized that the bill encroaches on various rights and freedoms, while lawmakers defending the legislation asserted consultations with influential religious leaders during its drafting. The Christian Council of Ghana, the Ghana Catholic Bishops' Conference, and the country's chief imam are among the endorsers of the bill, underscoring the complex intersections of cultural, religious, and human rights perspectives in the ongoing debate surrounding LGBTQ+ rights in Ghana.


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