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Ethiopia Airstrike on Camp of Displaced Tigrayans

March 30, 2022

[Image Source: European Space Imaging. Analysis and graphics © 2022 Human Rights Watch]

Cited article by Human Rights Watch

HRRC condemns the targeting of civilian populations in Tigray. The use of drones to harm and kill those displaced in the conflict must end, and assistance be provided to ensure refugees and civilians receive appropriate aid and care.

Article Summary

An airstrike carried out by the Ethiopian government on January 7, 2022 targeted a school district in the Northwestern Tigray region that housed displaced civilians. Three bombs were dropped from an armed drone, killing at least 57 civilians and wounding 42. Many of those sheltered at this location were elderly, women, and children, who had been forced to flee their homes due to the ongoing conflict. These add to the considerable numbers of refugees and civilians already harmed by drone strikes.

Much of recent news is focused on Ukraine, however it has been pointed out that while many are voicing their objections about the human rights violations occurring in Ukraine, those same people are silent to the abuses occurring in Ethiopia. Many civilians and refugees have suffered physical and psychological trauma throughout the conflict due to their inhumane treatment, and unless aid is provided, many more face similar harm.


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