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Elementary School Shooting in Uvalde, Texas

May 24, 2022

[Image Source: Dario Lopez-Mills/Associated Press]

Cited article by The New York Times

HRRC is dismayed by the deaths of the children and adults at Robb Elementary yesterday. In a country that has experienced countless tragedy due to gun violence, HRRC pushes for immediate action to expand gun control methods to prevent these shootings from continuing.

Article Summary

At the time of writing this summary, it is reported that a total of 21 people have been killed after a school shooting in Texas. 19 students and two adults, including a teacher, were killed by an 18-year old who walked into Robb Elementary school. Reports state the shooter's grandmother was also killed prior to his actions at the elementary school, and the connections between the two are being investigated. This marks the worst school shooting since Sandy Hook in 2012.

This is also the second mass shooting within weeks in the United States, with 10 people recently killed in a Buffalo, New York grocery store. Politicians and advocates are discussing measures on gun control methods as well as background checks for gun ownership. For the parents of the children killed, gun control methods are already too late. Investigations into the shooter are still ongoing to identify motives and intent.


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