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Concerns of Increasing Military Presence at Ukraine's Borders During Diplomatic Talks

February 14, 2022

[Image Credit: Burak Kara/Getty Images]

Cited article by The New York Times

HRRC is highly concerned over the growing tension at the Ukrainian border. The prospect of Russian military action in Ukraine poses significant risk to civilians' well-being. Russia's threats against the U.S. and NATO for supporting Ukraine should cease, and a diplomatic resolution should be reached by all parties.

Article Summary

Tensions at the Ukrainian border are increasing. Reports indicate that Russian troops, jets, and naval vessels have been conducting military exercises along Ukraine's borders. These exercises raise concerns in the West that Russia could be planning to move troops into Ukraine. Russia has made demands, including that Ukraine not be permitted into NATO. Refusing to provide concessions, the U.S. and Western allies have pledged to implement strict sanctions should Russia invade.

This marks one of the most significant security issues in Europe since World War II. The immediate threat to those in Ukraine cannot be understated, however, the situation also is having a negative effect on the energy industry in Europe. Russia is Europe's primary source of natural gas, as well as a partner in contributing oil to the continent. As Russia has increased its military presence at the Ukrainian border, oil prices have skyrocketed. If Russia were to shut down the supply, many locations in Europe would lose access to heat and utilities, making this a very delicate situation.


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