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Chinese Camera Surveillance Being Deployed by Myanmar Junta

July 10, 2022

[Image Source: REUTERS/Thomas Peter]

Cited article by Fanny Potkin, Reuters

HRRC is concerned by the increased use of surveillance technology by Myanmar's military junta government. The greatest human rights concern is that the surveillance will be used to identify and punish activists, as the junta currently does utilizing its spyware.

Article Summary

Myanmar's junta government is installing and deploying Chinese-made surveillance cameras across the country that utilize facial recognition technology. Those involved in the project state that the systems are being installed to maintain security and preserve civil peace. Similar surveillance systems have been implemented in five cities in the country since February 2021.

Facial recognition in surveillance systems are increasingly used for law enforcement, however Chinese facial recognition technology utilizes AI (artificial intelligence) to match those monitored in real-time against image databases. The junta has utilized surveillance methods in the past, including installing intercept spyware at telecom and internet providers. The concern over the facial recognition technology is that the junta will use military and law enforcement to track activists, identify meeting locations, and locate activist safe houses.


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