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Afghanistan Human Rights Commission Dissolved by Taliban

May 18, 2022

Women gather to demand their rights under Taliban rule during a protest in Kabul, Afghanistan on September 3, 2021. © 2021 Wali Sabawoon/AP Images ©

Cited article by Mohammad Yunus Yawar, Reuters

HRRC is highly concerned over the dissolution of key governmental departments in Afghanistan, notably the Human Rights Commission. Human rights violations have been closely monitored since Taliban forces retook Afghanistan (our report here), and the dissolution of these departments only heightens the concerns of groups promoting protections of human rights.

Article Summary

The Taliban has dissolved five departments of the former U.S.-backed government, notably among them the Human Rights Commission. This dissolution is described as being due to budgetary concerns as the Taliban faces a $501 million deficit. Reuters quoted a Taliban governmental spokesperson stating, "Because these departments were not deemed necessary and were not included in the budget, they have been dissolved,".

In addition to the Human Rights Commission, the High Council for National Reconciliation (HCNR), the National Security Council, and the commission overseeing the Afghan Constitution were all dissolved. The same Taliban spokesperson stated the budget was only for departments that were active and being productive. The Taliban assured the world that it would take a more moderate stance when retaking control in Afghanistan, yet restrictive laws are in place for Afghan women and girls, whom have not been allowed to resume their education.


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