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400 Migrants Stranded in Mediterranean Sea

April 11, 2023

Photo: The migrants are stranded along a route between Italy and Malta that humanitarian bodies warned is treacherous. [Image credit: Giacomo Zorzi/Sea-Watch/Reuters]

Cited article by Barbie Latza Nadeau, Allegra Goodwin and Sana Noor Haq, CNN

HRRC urges Malta to join the Italian coast guard in its efforts to rescue the 400 migrants at risk of capsizing and drowning. Further, Malta should welcome and offer support to migrants arriving on its shores as Italy has taken 1,800 migrants in the last 48 hours.

Article Summary

The Italian coast guard is leading rescue efforts to save 400 migrants adrift in the Mediterranean Sea. The boat is at high risk of capsizing in its current location with severe weather heading its way. The boat reportedly set sail from the Libyan coast, navigating a common but extremely dangerous immigration route between Italy and Malta. According to the support service Alarm Phone, many on board are in need of medical attention and several distressed passengers had jumped into the sea as the boat started taking on water.

Sea-Watch International, a German NGO, located the boat late Sunday night and claimed that "Maltese authorities had ordered two nearby merchant ships not to rescue those on board, but had asked one of them to supply the boat with fuel, food and water." Sea-Watch urged Malta to assist in the rescue of the migrants. In 2022, the United Nations recorded over 105,000 people arriving in Italy via this route, with 1,368 reported dead or missing.


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