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130 Suspected Human Traffickers Arrested in Joint Operation in Europe

July 5, 2022

[Image Source: REUTERS/Eva Plevier]

Cited article by Reuters

HRRC recognizes and applauds the multi-national cooperation that went into this operation to arrest suspected human traffickers and identify the victims of human trafficking. Considering the transnational nature of trafficking, it is vital that other countries look to this operation as an example of how to cooperate and work together to deter transnational trafficking.

Article Summary

Europol stated that coordinated efforts by 22 countries across Europe resulted in the arrest of 130 suspected human traffickers. The operation took place on June 13th and allowed law enforcement to identify more than 100 possible victims of human trafficking.

The EU border agency Frontex oversaw the joint effort. The countries involved conducted checks on nearly 1 million people and 200,000 vehicles on land, sea, and air borders in Europe. Fifteen EU countries participated in the operation, joining with Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine, Britain, and Liechtenstein.


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