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Aalia Garrett

Research Analyst

As a recent graduate of the University of Georgia, Aalia holds a Bachelor's degree in International Affairs, complemented by minors in International Human Rights and Security, and Law, Justice, and the State. Her diverse academic background has equipped her with a well-rounded understanding of global issues and their connections to the law. In addition, Aalia is an associate member of Keble College at Oxford University, where she gained valuable cross-cultural experiences, shaping her editorial finesse and approach to storytelling. 


Aalia's journey in human rights advocacy includes work with organizations like the Human Rights Measurement Initiative, The Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti, and The Guatemalan Human Rights Commission. During her time as a research assistant for the UGA Human Rights Research Lab, Aalia also contributed to projects focusing on physical integrity rights, economic and social rights, and empowerment rights, allowing her to pursue her mission of amplifying marginalized voices and shedding light on their stories. 


Moreover, having served as a writer and editor for UGA’s Loch Johnson Society foreign policy newsletter, Aalia crafted weekly articles on current events taking place in South Asia and the Pacific, and edited pieces focusing on MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa in order to bring broader foreign policy awareness to college students. Now, as Editor, Aalia hopes to contribute her knowledge and dedication to promote international human rights and ensure impactful storytelling that enlightens and empowers readers from across the world.

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