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Xinyu Zheng, MPP

Research Analyst

Xinyu Zheng, a recent graduate of Georgetown University with a master's degree in Public Policy and a bachelor's degree in Economics from Beijing Foreign Studies University, is interested in exploring environmental justice and climate change topics.

During her undergraduate years, Xinyu participated in projects spanning various industries, including e-commerce, logistics, entertainment, and supply-chain finance. This experience ignited her academic curiosity about the intersection of public policy and business. As she transitioned into her graduate studies, she engaged in multiple coursework projects on combatting climate change and ensuring energy security. She completed a thesis examining the impact of financial constraints on businesses in developing countries and their efforts to tackle climate change.

Today, Xinyu is a research assistant at Georgetown's Massive Data Institute, contributing to the Environmental Impact Data Collaborative project, which seeks to make environmental justice data widely accessible. In addition to her institute work, Xinyu researches Violence Against Women (VAW) during extreme weather events for the Human Rights Research Center.

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