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Venezuelan Government Expels UN Human Rights Staff From Country

February 16, 2024

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Yvan Gil speaks during a press conference as Venezuela's government asked staff from the United Nations human rights body to leave the country within three days, saying it will revise its cooperation with the organization, in Caracas, Venezuela, in this handout distributed on February 15, 2024. Venezuela's Foreign Ministry/Handout via REUTERS

Cited article by Reuters

HRRC sheds light on intensifying tensions between Venezuela and its accompanying United Nations' human rights body. This escalation is notably linked to the government's recent expulsion of UN staff from the nation, prompting HRRC’s urgent call for the safeguarding of human rights agents.

News Brief

Venezuela's government has demanded that the United Nations' human rights body remove its staff from the country within three days, citing a need for a comprehensive review of their cooperation terms. The government specifically targeted the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights' technical advisory office, stating that it would suspend its activities during the 30-day review period. The UN responded by expressing regret over the decision, noting their commitment to promoting and protecting human rights in Venezuela. The move comes shortly after criticism from the UN's special rapporteur on the right to food, Michael Fakhri, who raised concerns about the Venezuelan government's food program's efficacy and susceptibility to political influences.

Venezuelan state television harshly criticized Fakhri's comments, accusing the UN human rights office of adopting a "colonialist, abusive, and violating attitude" since its establishment in 2019. The government claimed the office played an inappropriate role by supporting impunity for individuals involved in alleged assassination attempts, coups, and conspiracies. The decision to expel the UN human rights staff follows a series of detentions, including that of defense expert Rocio San Miguel, drawing concern and condemnation from the United States, the UN, and other international entities.


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