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UN Rights Commission Rules that Israeli Occupation of Palestinian Territory is Illegal

October 20, 2022

[Image Source: IRIN/Shabtai Gold]

Cited article by UN News

HRRC continues to object to the ongoing occupation of Palestine by Israel. Reports such as this issued by a UN rights commission build off of previous reports such as those published by Amnesty International. Continued investigation by NGO's, the UN, and the international community are vital to address the ongoing abuses.

Article Summary

A UN commission is ruling that the ongoing Israeli occupation of Palestine is violating international law. This commission is strongly urging for the General Assembly to refer the case on to the International Court of Justice for an urgent Advisory Opinion as to the legal consequences of the occupation. The commission stressed that occupation of territory during war is a temporary situation and cannot deprive the occupied country of its statehood or sovereignty.

The report developed by the commission reviewed policies and actions by Israel to maintain and annex Palestinian territory. Highlights included the continuing and advancing "settlement enterprise" with demonstrated intent to maintain permanent control over the occupied territories. Additional parts of the report noted how Israel has appropriated territory for military purpose, and later used these territories for settlement construction.

The commission further illustrates that the policies implemented by the Israeli Government have had an impact on all aspects of Palestinian life, including access to basic needs such as clean and basic water.


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