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Ukraine Allegedly Using Anti-Personnel Mines

February 1, 2023

[Image Source: Future Publishing via Getty Images]

Cited article by NPR

HRRC cautions against the use of illegal weapons in Ukraine. While Ukraine still has the right to defend itself from Russian aggression, the use of weapons that put civilians in danger is not justifiable.

Article Summary

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has released a report stating that Ukraine forces have been scattering "petal mines" in and around the eastern city of Izium. These types of mines are banned under the 1997 Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Treaty which Ukraine is a signatory. The primary concern regarding the use of these mines is the likelihood for them to indiscriminately maim and kill, including potential targets and innocent civilians. While HRW states that Russia is allegedly utilizing similar weapons more widely, Ukraine's usage is still a major concern.

Researchers have identified 11 civilians who have been injured by these landmines over a five-month period, with one man dying from his injuries. Due to the locations and amount of active mines, the report indicates a low likelihood of this being an isolated incident or a mistake on the behalf of specific individuals. Reports indicate that many of the mines have landed in or near domestic locations, and Ukrainian medical workers have stated they had to amputate limbs due to mine-related injuries from approximately 50 people, including five children.


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