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U.S. Expulsion of Refugees without Protective Screening - Violation of International Law

September 21, 2021

[Image Source: REUTERS/Ralph Tedy Erol]

Cited article by Stephanie Nebehay, Reuters

HRRC's Response:

Reports of more than 14,000 Haitian refugees living in camps under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas have raised significant concern from the international community. Hundreds of Haitians have already been deported despite the serious danger they face in their home country. Many of these expulsions are taking place using Title 42 health-related restrictions, bypassing screening to ensure the protections of the individuals.

All people have the right to seek safety when facing persecution in their country, and request asylum in another sovereign state. However, the United States is using Title 42 to deny those crossing the border the ability to petition for asylum. This could be a violation of international law and places asylum seekers and refugees at significant risk by forcing them to return to a dangerous situation.

HRRC unequivocally supports the rights of asylum seekers and refugees. HRRC further condemns the U.S.'s forced expulsion of these individuals without protective screenings.


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