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Top UN Official Quits Amid Gaza Crisis Citing ‘Genocide’ of Palestinian Civilians

November 3, 2023

The United Nations headquarters in Manhattan. [Image Credit: Carlo Allegri/Reuters]

Cited article by The Guardian

HRRC emphasizes the immediate need for concrete action to address the ongoing human rights crisis in Gaza and the Israel-Palestine conflict. This echoes the impassioned calls made by activists and humanitarian organizations worldwide as it is imperative that the international community fosters meaningful and transparent dialogue to effectively address these human rights concerns to promote accountability and justice for all affected parties.

News Brief

Craig Mokhiber, the director of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in New York, has resigned from his post, condemning the UN for failing to prevent what he deems a genocide of Palestinian civilians in Gaza amid Israeli bombardment. He criticized the US, UK, and much of Europe for their complicity in the assault, accusing them of not fulfilling their obligations under the Geneva Conventions.

Mokhiber's resignation letter also called for the establishment of a single, democratic secular state in all of historic Palestine, essentially advocating for the end of the state of Israel. His departure has garnered mixed reactions, with some viewing it as a compelling critique of double standards in the UN's approach to human rights in the Israel-Palestine conflict, while others have accused him of expressing antisemitic views.Mokhiber, who has been associated with the UN since 1992 and held various key roles, including serving as a human rights adviser in conflict zones like Palestine, Afghanistan, and Sudan, is known for his background in international human rights law and previously lived in Gaza during the 1990s. His outspoken departure has ignited discussions about the UN's stance on the Israel-Palestine situation and the role of major world powers in the ongoing conflict.


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