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Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 2022

January 17, 2022

[Image Credit:Howard Sochurek/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images]

See the cited bibliography for more detailed information on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's life.

On this day HRRC commemorates the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His influence on the civil rights movement has paved the way for continuing activism, and has been a critical influence on broader human rights for which HRRC is dedicated.

Biography Summary

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a minister and, most notably, a civil rights activist who made a significant impact on race relations in the United States starting in the mid-1950's. His leadership focused on nonviolent protests and speeches, including his well-known "I Have a Dream" speech he gave in 1963. Among his accomplishments, he was involved in ending the legal segregation of African Americans in the U.S., developing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Rights Act of 1965. His work led him being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. In honor of his life and dedication to advancing rights, the third Monday of January every year is a national holiday in the U.S.


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