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El Salvador Transgender People Face Discrimination and No Legal Gender Recognition

July 18, 2022

[Image Source: Salvador Melendez/AP]

Cited article by Human Rights Watch

HRRC calls for the El Salvador government to immediately take steps to enforce the legal documentation, rights, and protections for transgender people. The legal issues are joined by the social discrimination these people face and ensure that they cannot operate safely within society, let alone receive healthcare, obtain work, and vote.

Article Summary

Transgender individuals in El Salvador are facing discrimination due to a difference between their gender identities and their official identification documents. Research demonstrated that a lack of accurate documentation, in conjunction with anti-trans bias impedes the rights of transgender people. Despite the El Salvador Supreme Court ruling in February 2022 stating the constitution prohibits discrimination based on gender identity, legislation has yet to catch up.

Transgender individuals described a wide array of discriminatory treatment. In healthcare facilities, they referenced being mocked or overly questioned about their identities. While seeking work, some were told explicitly that employers would not hire them on the grounds of their gender identities. Additionally, due to legal documents not matching their gender identities, many stated they weren't permitted to vote in 2021 or were heavily questioned and left humiliated.


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