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Coup in Sudan Occurring as Military Dissolves Civilian Government

October 25, 2021

[Image Source: AFP]

Cited article by BBC News

HRRC's Response:

Sudan is currently experiencing a coup, as the military has dissolved the civilian-led government, has declared emergency law, and is arresting the civilian leadership. Reports state that protests are taking place across cities of Sudan, with civilians calling for the return of the civilian-led government. This has been developing for two years, with consistent infighting between the civilian and military leaders in the transitional government set up in the wake of the overthrow of Omar al-Bashir.

This coup has been met with international condemnation. The transitional government that was in place was established to guide Sudan towards a long-term democratic rule, and countries globally are stating that the military coup stands in direct opposition to future democracy. Elections were planned to take place in approximately one year, which would have transitioned the country to long-term civilian rule.

HRRC condemns the coup taking place, and the arrests of governmental leaders. Additionally, there is heightened concern for the safety and wellbeing of the civilians who are currently protesting the military's actions.


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