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China Sends Warplanes into Taiwan Airspace

June 22, 2022

[Image Source: 2009 photo file via CNN]

Cited article by Brad Lendon and Wayne Chang, CNN

HRRC affirms the sovereignty of Taiwan, despite claims of ownership by mainland China. The continued presence of Chinese military aircraft is a constant reminder of the threat of Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

Article Summary

A total of 29 Chinese planes were reported in Taiwan's self-declared air defense identification zone (ADIZ). The types of planes varied, but all designed for military use, including: fighter jets, electronic warfare, anti-submarine, and electronic intelligence aircraft. Less than a month ago, a reported 30 Chinese aircraft entered the ADIZ.

The recent airspace intrusions have increased tensions, adding to the 70 years of separate government between Taiwan and mainland China, despite the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) declaration that the island is a part of China. While the United States remains in strong support of Taiwan's independence, Chinese defense Minister Wei Fenghe refers to the U.S. as a "bully" in the region. The Chinese government continues to state that the Taiwan Straight is not part of international waters and belongs to China.


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